Robert Hampton Software

Welcome to my software page, where some of my better attempts at coding (i.e. those I'm not completely embarrassed by) eventually end up.


Please note that all the programs shown below are intended for RISC OS machines. For the uninitiated, RISC OS was the operating system originally developed by Acorn Computers for their Archimedes (and later RiscPC) range of computers. This powerful range of machines was designed for general purpose computing, but found a particular niche in the education market; during the late 1980s and early 1990s most schools were equipped with Acorn kit.

Following the demise of Acorn in 1998, a number of companies stepped in to keep the platform alive. Currently the system is in the hands of RISCOS Ltd and RISC OS Open.

If you're curious about RISC OS and want to know more, check out the Wikipedia article or the web site.

In a nutshell: if you're running Windows, MacOS or any flavour of Linux, you're out of luck if you want to run the apps below. However, if you're a former RISC OS user feeling nostalgic for their old system, or you're a new user who wants to give RISC OS a try, there is a free emulator available for Windows, MacOS and Linux machines: RPCEmu emulates RiscPC hardware. It is currently in an alpha state but is being improved, with new versions released regularly.


All downloads below are in Zip file format. There are a number of applications available to unpack these on RISC OS, of which David Pilling's SparkPlug is probably the easiest to use.

[Jotto icon]
A simple word-guessing game. One of the first multitasking desktop applications I ever wrote, all the way back in 1997!
Date27th May 1997
For RISC OS3.1 and above
Download13K Zip file

[KwikZip icon]
Basic desktop front-end to the zip modules included with some versions of RISC OS. No bells and whistles here; just drag and drop a directory or zip file on the KwikZip icon to zip or unzip as appropriate.
Date21st February 2004
For RISC OSAdjust or Six (or versions supplied via the Select scheme)
Download11K Zip file

[MadMaze icon]
An infuriating yet strangely compelling game.
For RISC OSAny except Iyonix
NotesRuns in Mode 9, so on RiscPC and later systems will require a monitor definition for a 320x256 screen mode. Iyonix hardware cannot cope with 16 colour screen modes.
Download17K Zip file

[NetReact icon]
A version of the popular Reaction game, which is designed for network play.
Date8th May 2002
For RISC OS3.1 onwards (not 32-bit)
Download45K Zip file

TrainInfo icon]
Displays live departure info for the UK railway station of your choice. Very much a work in progress, but finished enough to be useful.
Date28th December 2009
For RISC OS4.0 onwards
RequirementsToolbox, Shared Unix Library
DownloadI have removed this app as it no longer functions correctly. National Rail now prevent access to their data feed for unlicensed users.